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Pricing is a guide only, I am happy to provide a quote after assessing your pup



From $45


From $80



Treat and Greet- FREE

The Treat and Greet is a complimentary 5-10 minute appointment where I consult with you and meet your dog. This is generally performed in the reception area or can also be outside the salon for very anxious dogs. This is a short and sweet visit with lots of treats (with your consent, various treats are on hand for dogs with dietary restrictions) to get us off on the right foot, building trust before the grooming starts. There is no grooming performed on this visit. It is not mandatory for bookings but highly recommended, particularly for puppies or dogs that have expressed signs of stress and anxiety around grooming. There is no obligation to book after the Treat and Greet. 


Bath and Blowdry- from $45 (smooth coat) 

A luxurious warm double shampoo wash with premium salon quality products followed by conditioner. The outside of the ear canal is cleaned*. The coat is blowdried, fully brushed out and the nails clipped. Treats (as appropriate for your dog) and cuddles included. Doggy fragrance on request. 


Hygiene Tidy- from $80

As above plus a clip of hygiene areas (paw pads, bottom, groin). The paws and face are tidied. 


Full Groom- from $100

As above with length taken off the entire body (shorter length- 13mm or under) and scissor finish. A lower maintenance option, recommended interval between grooms 4-8 weeks depending on length. 


Style Groom- from $120

As above but longer length (longer than 13mm/hand scissoring). This option applies for most teddy bear styles, asian fusion styling and breed specific haircuts. Recommended interval between grooms 4-6 weeks depending on length. 


Puppy Groom- $70

As Hygiene Tidy, for puppies 6 months and under. Puppies are worked with for a maximum of 1 hour. 


Desensitisation Session- $30

These sessions are offered where dogs need a little extra help to get accustomed to grooming and involves a short grooming training session for your dog focused on counter conditioning to reduce fear, anxiety and stress. Sessions are approximately 15 minutes. 


Nail Clip Only- $20

A nail clip with lots of treats! 5-10 minutes. 


A 10% surcharge applies for services on Sunday or after 5pm. 


Optional Extras:


Ears plucked**: $10

Anal glands (external expression)***: $20

Nails filed (nail clipping is included in all services, this removes sharp edges): $5


Additional Charges: 


Matting removal: from $10 depending on severity


*I do not flush or probe the ear canal. 

**Ear plucking is not recommended for all dogs and some veterinarians advise against it. This service is offered where it has been recommended by your vet. Ears that appear to be infected will not be plucked, this is a task for your vet. 

***Anal gland expression can be performed on dogs where the anal glands have been problematic and regular expression is recommended by your vet. I do not recommend this for all dogs. Please chat with me about it if you are unsure. 

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