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I'm Annie, the owner/operator of Little Acorns Dog Grooming and I work with each dog from consult through to pickup. I have been grooming for 10 years in salons and hold a Certificate III in Pet Grooming and Certificate III in Companion Animal Services from Heiniger Academy. I have completed Pet First Aid for Groomers (2023) and am proudly Fear Free Certified. I invest heavily in my education as a pet professional, attending seminars, webinars and training as well as spending my spare time learning about dogs. I am committed to continual growth so that I can provide the best possible service for you and your pup. I groom with a holistic approach, striving for the best styling that is possible without compromising your dog's mental and physical wellbeing.  Fear Free grooming involves approaching the process so as to reduce fear, anxiety and stress. I do my best to read your dog's body language and make accommodations throughout the groom so that they can build confidence in me and with being groomed in general. I groom one-on-one and factor in more time than the average salon so that your dog is not rushed and receives my full attention and effort.

My personal experience with grooming dogs began many years ago through the world of dog shows, breeding and showing Cavalier King Charles Spaniels with my Mum. This offered me a crash course in grooming, training, husbandry, conditioning, nutrition and all things dog! I am no longer showing or breeding but this experience lit a fire that will never go out! I currently own two dogs, both Cavaliers. Scarlett (on the grass) is 11, and my recent addition Sadie (in my arms) is 5. Cavaliers remain the great love of my life.

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