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Prices are a guide only and may be subject to change (up or down) depending on coat condition and length and the size and grooming behaviour of your dog. I am happy to provide a quote at check in time if you wish, quotes made over the phone are rough pricing only. I am unable to provide a firm quote without physically assessing your pup. Services are priced according to time and energy required. Please note that charges apply even in cases where a service can not be fully completed due to dog behaviour ($70 p/hr), as you are paying for my time working with your dog. This is not a frequent occurrence but something to be aware of.



Please inform me of any health conditions affecting your dog as this is critical to how I approach the grooming process. This may include but is not limited to epilepsy, arthritis, heart conditions, weak trachea, recent injuries or surgery, skin and ear issues down to warts, lumps and bumps. 


The health and safety of your dog is my number one priority whilst they are in my care. If I believe your dog has become too stressed during the groom to safely continue or I have concerns about their wellbeing, I will cease grooming immediately and contact you. I will let you know if I find anything unusual during the groom (grass seeds, infected ears, ticks, lumps etc) that I think require vet investigation. In case of emergencies I will contact you immediately. 


Please note that I do not groom girls while they are in season, please let me know if you have an appointment booked and we will reschedule. 


Accidents can and do happen in grooming as dogs can be unpredictable and scissors and clipper blades are sharp. Dogs do not keep still like a human getting their hair cut! I pride myself on my commitment to safety and will inform you in the unlikely event that an accident occurs. 



For my safety I do not groom aggressive dogs. Please be transparent about your dog’s behaviour. 



Matting happens for a variety of reasons and I am here to help. I am more than happy to guide you if you need some help getting on top of maintenance, technique or selecting the right tools. Coat maintenance is an art and there is no shame in needing some assistance. There is no charge if you want a quick lesson on brushing. 


I will not remove any matting where I believe the process will cause prolonged stress and/or discomfort. I can not undo weeks or months of lapsed or insufficient maintenance in a 1.5 hour visit, it is simply not fair on the dog and I will always put humanity ahead of vanity. If matting is present I will let you know what needs to be done and ask for your consent to move forward with the service. In many cases it is necessary to shave the coat short and start again. Please know that this is not my preference- long, styled grooms are my jam! Your dog’s wellbeing always comes ahead of our aesthetic preferences. 


Matting removal can be a painstaking process requiring a great deal of skill and concentration to complete safely. The removal of matting may expose skin that is unhealthy or bruised. Aural haematomas can occur when severe matting is removed from the ears. While all care is taken knicks and cuts are more likely to occur when removing matting than during regular grooming as it difficult to discern the position of the skin underneath. Little Acorns is not liable for injuries resulting from matting removal. 



Full payment must be made on collection of your pup, no exceptions. I accept cash and card payment using Square. 


Drop off and Pick Up

I operate as a one-on-one service and book to facilitate no or minimal overlap between appointments for the comfort of your dog. Please adhere to your drop off and pick-up time, I will text you when your dog is ready to go home. For safety reasons do not pop in to check if your dog is ready ahead of time or walk past the salon window. Most dogs find this incredibly distracting as they are so happy to see you and it can become dangerous to complete the groom. 



Please be respectful my time by giving as much notice as possible for cancellations. As I endeavour to work one-on-one without overlapping appointments, a no show represents a significant loss of income for the day. Cancellations made less than 24 hrs before the booked time will incur a fee of 50% of the booked service price to be paid before or at the time of the next appointment. Repeated cancellations with short notice will require prepaid appointments in future.  You will receive a reminder text two days before your appointment, confirmation is required. 



I take my work seriously and pride myself on providing a high quality service. If for any reason you are dissatisfied with the groom, please let me know as soon as possible and I will do my best to make it right. Please inform me of any issues within one week of the original service date. I will also ask you for any notes or changes to be made at the beginning of each appointment so that I can tailor the groom to best suit you and your pup. Less off tail, shorter ears…let me know! There can be disconnect between the groomer and client's understanding of certain grooming terminology, you are encouraged to bring reference photos to help. I want you to love your pup's groom. 

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